Friday, November 12, 2010

How long has it been?

Well..I've been caught up with a lot of stuff..
I think the drawings below has been done in about 6hours altogether..over two weeks..

I really wasn't making any progress with the son character..
I realized I could't reproduce the one drawing that I liked, especially when I tried to make different expressions with it.
 I couldn't really control the proportions of the facial features effectively and I needed to simplify the character a bit more to give it a little bit more likable look
 I'got rid of the cheek bone and made it into a more smooth curve from the forehead down to the neck.
Well, honestly, I don't think he looks like a caveman anymore..

But He just looks cuter in this version. the last drawing is a little earlier try and his face have different aesthetics to it but I liked the overall feeling..
What I have right now makes him look a little too young......he's supposed to be a man... not a boy....
Still a long way to go..