Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Welcome to WAOMT!!

Way ahead of my time is an upcoming musical short by Joonki Park.
Originally it's a song written by composer/Lyricist Peter Mills, and I've been wanting to adapt it into an animated short ever since I first heard the song. 
It's in early stage of development. I've started storyboarding and character design few weeks ago and it's been going quite slow. 
I'll try to update as often as possible so stay tuned!!

What I did today sitting in the corner of Chuck's class..
It's a story of a Dad and Son. Here are some dad studies.
Right one was the first computer/color sketch I did for this project.
I liked the big forehead on the left one so I tried to make it a little bigger..

..and tried to make it a bit cartoony..he still looks too young to be a dad.
On the left is the main character. I'll upload earlier sketches tomorrow to show how I got to this point.
Yeah, He's a Gay..veman..

A little less happy.

just a quick pose ....He'll be hunting mastodons in the film..

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