Monday, January 21, 2013

Some story panels

After two and a half years of slacking off, finally started storyboarding this thing.
Probably will end up redoing them all over again, but here are some excerpts from the first sequence .


  1. This is a good beginning to get the idea out. But right now the information is just happening as events, there isn't a point of perspective or strong voice to these events.

    1. Have more establishment of both the location and of the characters. Set up the father as a hunter and traditional caveman by having him carry up a prey with him. Give him a spear and more ape-like/caveman way of moving. Set up the son better as a being an evolution in the species.
    2. Also, you need more acting poses to convey the thoughts clearer (or you need dialogue included with these panels).

    I do want to see more to see more of where this goes. Thanks for sharing! (Also, publish more panels at a time--don't be afraid to setup multiple panels in an image:

  2. Thanks James! Wise words bro,
    I do have more establishing shots that comes before this, of the whole setting of the village and dad (but not the son). they were rather poorly and hastily done so I thought I 'd clean them up a bit before posting :)
    I do agree that I need contrast between the characters..I'll try harder!!!
    Thanks again!